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I am a human being named Harpreet Singh.
Personally, I am a person of free mind not bound to anybodys'
mind or anyones' thoughts.

A mirror which reflect what you appear in front of it. You converse with it coolly, it returns the same, you see it angrily it  replicate the same. Thats how I am..

One thing I cannot do is to hurt somebody. I do it but intentionally and believe me theres some reason behind it. I always try to look output in most of the everything. Say it spending money(which i always had in shortage), taking car to some friends' home etc etc. But still there are some friends and some colleagues to whom I can't think to do some off the beat.  

If you ask me what kind of things gives me happiness, joy , laughter... what I will reply might bring the smile on your face or roll you into the hurricane of laughter.

I still remember when my Papa taught me to tie-up the laces, when I was in my first standard, to tie-up the neck-tie when nobody in my class know how to mess with that rope. I feel happy by remembering those precious moments. 

There are such many incidents which I will keep on updating on this small web-book to share with all of my friends. You also share your personal remembrances I will update it on this web-book...mail me.